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Have you had a list, credit card or overdraft the place you got a excessive credit restrict? So excessive that the per 30 days repayments had been exhausting to control so you were given into extra debt?

Many other folks had been in the beginning given smart limits, however the lender saved expanding them.

You will have a excellent grievance that the lender was once irresponsible in permitting you to borrow such a lot that the debt was once unaffordable.

You can bitch to the lender and ask for money back of the hobby you paid. This article explains how to try this, with the issues you want to put to your grievance.

In 2020, Barclaycard wrote to a couple consumers pronouncing their credit restrict was once set too excessive. I am hoping extra lenders recognise this. But you can bitch now, you don’t must look ahead to a letter from your financial institution.

a debit card and a credit card - have your credit limit and overdraft limit been set too high? You can ask for a refund.

What is “responsible lending” and “affordability”?

The following is my abstract of the regulator’s regulations:

  • A lender will have to take a look at if credit is inexpensive when you observe for it. A loan lender will ask for financial institution statements, however a list providing a £200 credit restrict doesn’t have to enter such a lot element.
  • If you can’t make the per 30 days repayments with out problem, credit isn’t inexpensive. This method with the ability to pay your entire standard family expenses, bills and your different money owed.
  • If you must borrow extra maximum months, this is able to now not be inexpensive. This may well be borrowing at the identical account – creating a credit card compensation however then the use of the credit card to pay for meals so the stability by no means drops is “borrowing more”.
  • You have so that you could pay off debt inside an affordable time period. Paying the minimal quantity is OK for a twinkling of an eye, but when you did this for a protracted length, this implies the debt isn’t inexpensive and your restrict will have to now not be greater.
  • A lender shouldn’t building up a credit restrict with out new assessments. Just as a result of you had been in a position to make your repayments to this point doesn’t imply you can arrange a bigger restrict!

How to bitch

Good causes to bitch

If the lender may see any of those for your credit document, they will have to have declined your software:

  • expanding loan arrears;
  • numerous fresh high-cost temporary lending;
  • fresh credit document issues: defaults, numerous ignored bills, or preparations to pay.  “Credit builder” cards, geared toward other folks with a low credit ranking, will simplest reject if the issues had been huge;
  • a degree of borrowing that appears too excessive in the case of your source of revenue.

Your credit restrict will have to now not had been greater except you may have enough money it. Any of those issues counsel that you couldn’t:

  • making minimal bills for a protracted whilst;
  • the use of numerous your restrict;
  • numerous playing appearing at the commentary;
  • fresh ignored bills or an association to pay in this account;
  • your credit document has were given worse – new ignored bills, defaults or CCJs on different money owed;
  • your general degree of money owed has long past up so much.

Accounts with the similar lender will have to be taken under consideration:

  • did you have arrears on different accounts with the similar lender?
  • one reader was once allowed to open a 2d account with Capital One. The Ombudsman made up our minds this was once unfair as he had temporarily reached and long past over his restrict at the first card.
  • any other reader had implemented for a mortgage and a credit card to his financial institution however been grew to become down. But the financial institution then greater the restrict on his overdraft. The Ombudsman made up our minds this was once unfair.

You don’t want the main points and dates

If your lender greater your credit restrict, you don’t want the appropriate date. Being in a position to mention  “A few years ago you increased my credit limit. After that I could only make the minimum payments but you increased my limit again to £3000.” is okay.

If you have your paper statements or emails, those would possibly lend a hand, but when all you can say is “you increased my credit limit several times” this is tremendous. You don’t want to ask for copies of your entire statements – you would get a ton of paper!

But getting your credit document can lend a hand. You can’t return and notice precisely what your credit document stated in 2017, but when you take a look at your present credit document (get your loose TransUnion statutory credit document) you can see what the pre-2017 issues had been that the lender will have to have noticed.

What you are in search of is the purpose at which the lender made an irresponsible lending resolution. For a couple of other folks that may had been when you implemented to open the account. For many of us, it is going to had been when your credit restrict was once greater.

Template grievance

The highest approach to bitch is by way of e-mail. It’s loose, fast and you have a document of what you despatched and when. Some lenders make you entire a kind on their website online as an alternative. And for some lenders you must ship a letter.

In the tips underneath, I’ve invented some examples for the bits [in italics in brackets]. Change/delete/upload to those to inform your tale.

Start off with the fundamentals: determine you and your account and make it transparent what kind of grievance you have:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I need to bitch about irresponsible lending by way of you for my [Very] account quantity [987654/444]. My date of beginning is dd/mm/yy. The e-mail cope with I used for this account was once myaddress@no

Then both say they will have to by no means have given you the account:

You will have to by no means have allowed me to open an account with this kind of huge credit restrict. When I implemented in [March 2011], you will have to have checked my credit document and you would have noticed [I had recent missed payments to my NatWest credit card, a default only two months before on a Barclays loan and my overdraft had gone up for several months in a row].

and / or say that they will have to now not have greater your credit restrict:

You will have to by no means have greater my credit restrict [in 2013 or several times between 2012x and 2017]. At that point [I had only made minimum payments on this credit card for a long while] and/or [I was using a very high level of my credit limit]. This will have to have proven you that I may now not pay off my stability inside an affordable duration of time, so you will have to now not have let me borrow extra.

If you had correctly checked my credit document earlier than expanding my restrict, you would have noticed [that in the two years since my account with you was opened, I had got additional late payment markers and defaults and taken out a lot of other credit.] This will have to have warned you I used to be suffering with my price range and it was once now not accountable to lend me extra. By expanding my credit restrict you made my monetary place worse.

It will lend a hand your grievance to upload extra main points about why the account repayments had been unaffordable for you:

[In 2014 my take home pay was £1800 a month. My rent, household bills and transport costs came to about £1000. My food and clothes costs were about £200 a month. But at this point I had over £12,000 of debt and my monthly debt repayments were more than £600. My minimum repayment to you was over £100 a month. As a result I could not afford my existing debt and I was having to borrow more every month. ]

If the lender will have to have already got recognized you had issues along with your account, point out this

You will have to even have realised that I used to be having problem as a result of
[the late payment charges you added to my account]
[I had missed two payments in 2012]
[I had already asked you on the phone if it was possible to stop adding interest for a while] .

It will lend a hand your grievance to upload extra main points about affordability:

[In 2013 my take home pay was £1800 a month. My rent, household bills and transport costs came to about £1000. My food and clothes costs were about £200 a month. But at this point I had over £12,000 of debt and my monthly debt repayments were more than £600. My minimum repayment to you was over £100 a month. As a result, I could not afford my existing debt and I was having to borrow more every month.]

End with inquiring for a credit card or catalogue refund:

I would love you to refund me the entire hobby I paid and any overdue fee fees [on the account OR after you increased my credit limit in 2014]. I’d additionally like several overdue fee and default markers to be got rid of from credit information after this level. I keep in mind that if I take this grievance to the Financial Ombudsman, 8% easy hobby is in most cases added to this kind of refund.

Points to take into consideration


These court cases will also be made in case your account continues to be open, or whether it is closed and settled or with a debt collector. NB bitch to the unique lender, now not the debt collector.

You can bitch if you have already got a CCJ for the debt. Tell the lender you need the CCJ got rid of as a part of the agreement of your grievance.

But if you have had an IVA or chapter after those issues, or if you are nonetheless in a DRO, then you shouldn’t bitch – ask within the feedback underneath for main points.

Old accounts

If your grievance is ready an account that you closed greater than 6 years in the past, it’s more difficult to win. If the account has been open inside 6 years however the credit restrict raises had been greater than 6 years in the past, you will have problem.

These older instances are exhausting for you to supply a lot proof for.  Defaults, DMPs and CCJs over 6 years outdated could have disappeared from your credit document, so except you produce other issues (letters? emails?) relating to them, it may be hardto display the issues you had.

But if you really feel you have a powerful older case and you have some proof then take it to the Ombudsman and allow them to come to a decision!

Another way for outdated accounts

If your account was once opened a protracted whilst in the past and you defaulted and nonetheless owe a stability, possibly in a DMP, take into consideration asking the debt collector to supply the Consumer Credit Act settlement for the account.

There is a template letter for this from National Debtline: Credit agreements – getting information.

If the present creditor (now not the unique lender) can’t produce a correct replica of the settlement, the debt can’t be enforced in court docket and you can merely prevent paying anything else to it. This applies to all credit cards, retailer cards, catalogues however now not overdrafts. Discuss the reaction you get with National Debtline if you aren’t certain it’s good enough.

For older accounts that is much more likely to paintings than affordability grievance, so it’s value making an attempt first. It is not unusual for debt creditors with an outdated account (eg pre 2007 MBNA and Egg cards) to be not able to supply right kind forms.

Poor causes to bitch

You can’t bitch simply since the rate of interest was once excessive or as a result of you have paid them a fortune through the years.

A deficient credit ranking by itself isn’t a reason you shouldn’t had been given an account. You may have been not too long ago discharged from chapter – that makes a “bad credit card” equivalent to Vanquis or a list a really perfect “first new credit” and it can be utterly inexpensive as a result of going bankrupt solved your entire earlier debt issues.

But in case your credit ranking was once deficient as a result of you had been having numerous issues along with your present debt, the account will have to had been refused.

You received’t get a credit card or catalogue refund if one thing surprising went flawed to your existence. If you were managing a credit card tremendous for years however then you misplaced your task or separated from your spouse and you defaulted, this isn’t the lender’s fault.

Don’t be get rid of by way of a rejection – sending a case to the Ombudsman

If a lender rejects your grievance or provides a low “goodwill” gesture, don’t be get rid of.

In explicit, if the lender says you had made the entire bills to them on time so that they had no reason why to assume you had issues, you can forget about this – the lender will have to have made different assessments earlier than expanding your credit restrict!

When you have a Final Response from the lender  – or after 8 weeks if you haven’t had a Final Response –  ship your grievance to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

The easy approach to ship FOS a grievance is their online form – it asks for the entire little issues they want to arrange your grievance as it should be (eg your date of beginning and whether or not it is a joint grievance).  You can simply replica out what you put to your grievance to the lender but when the lender has rejected your grievance or given a deficient be offering, point out why you assume this flawed.

FOS is a pleasant carrier nevertheless it isn’t rapid. You can simply use standard English, now not felony phrases. Using a claims corporate or a solicitor won’t pace this up and won’t make you much more likely to win your grievance.

Need some lend a hand?

Claims companies are beautiful pointless at this kind of factor. The simplest individual that may write the template letter above is you! You can get higher lend a hand totally free by way of asking within the feedback underneath or by way of going for your native Citizens Advice.

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