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“Can I go bankrupt?”  is a quite common query.

People fear that their bankruptcy application will be rejected as a result of their money owed aren’t sufficiently big. Or the Official Receiver will say they must pay off the cash they owe. Or that they don’t meet the prison standards.

But not up to 1% of bankruptcy packages are rejected via the Insolvency Service, so you wish to have to prevent being concerned and in finding out the info.

The Insolvency Service logo - will they refuse your bankruptcy application?

The commonplace worries

“A bankruptcy check said I should have an IVA”

Some corporations prey on those forms of worries, see Making Bankruptcy sound frightening.

Often they ask you to position in some main points of your money owed.

The web pages that provide this type of “check” make all their cash via getting you to enroll to an IVA. This isn’t a correct take a look at about whether or not bankruptcy is a superb choice for you. And it’s in no way a take a look at that you are going to “qualify” for bankruptcy.

“Do I owe too little to go bankrupt?”

There isn’t any minimal quantity it’s a must to owe in England and Wales to head bankrupt.

A creditor can most effective make you bankrupt should you owe them a minimum of £5,000. But you could choose to go bankrupt owing less than that… after all that isn’t in most cases a smart thought!

If you wish to have to determine whether or not bankruptcy is a superb choice for you name National Debtline on 0808 808 4000, who additionally has a factsheet on bankruptcy.

If National Debtline says that bankruptcy is a superb choice for you, you’ll be certain that you’re “insolvent” and your bankruptcy application will be authorized.

“I may inherit some money”

You might be anxious that your bankruptcy will be grew to become down since you are named in anyone’s will.

If the individual has already died and you’re ready to get your inheritance then you definately must most certainly no longer cross bankrupt – see the phase beneath on “Do you have a better alternative?”

But if the individual hasn’t died, they may trade their will and depart all of it to the native Cats Home. So this long term inheritance isn’t an asset of yours this present day and it received’t have any impact to your bankruptcy application.

If you’re anxious that the individual might die quickly, then learn this newsletter on Inheriting Money When Your Are Bankrupt.

Not sufficient source of revenue? Or an excessive amount of source of revenue?

A reader was once advised they didn’t have sufficient source of revenue to head bankrupt.

It isn’t proper! You don’t need to have the cheap that balances to head bankrupt. But I believe he was once being advised that he must kind different issues out first earlier than bankruptcy, see Can you cross bankrupt without a source of revenue? for main points.

At the opposite finish of the spectrum, it’s possible you’ll fear that you’ve a just right task and you’ll pay some cash on your money owed, simply no longer it all. But you received’t be refused bankruptcy until you’ll pay all of your money owed. Talk to a debt adviser about whether or not you may have a better choice to bankruptcy in case you are anxious about this.

The causes some bankruptcy packages are refused

When you publish your on-line bankruptcy application, it’s despatched to the Insolvency Service’s Adjudicator for approval.

The Adjudicator’s administrative center will take a look at:

  1. the appropriate “jurisdiction” is used – that is to prevent other people coming to England simply to head bankrupt;
  2. the shape was once submitted via the proper individual, no longer anyone pretending to be you;
  3. you don’t have already got a bankruptcy petition pending;
  4. the money owed you may have indexed weren’t incorporated in a prior bankruptcy petition;
  5. to test you aren’t over 55 with a big cash acquire pension you have to get right of entry to; and
  6. to peer in case you are “insolvent” – this can be a fast take a look at that you’ll’t pay your money owed now.  You received’t be advised “You could work for 12 years and clear them in that time so you can’t go bankrupt” – that doesn’t occur.

These assessments are easy formalities for nearly all of other people making use of.

The Insolvency Service itself describes having your application rejected as “an unlikely event”. It occurs to not up to 1% of packages. The maximum commonplace explanation why for one being rejected is the primary one – that the individual making use of hasn’t lived on this nation for lengthy sufficient.

What occurs if a bankruptcy application is refused?

If your bankruptcy application is rejected, you are going to be despatched a Notice of Refusal. This will provide an explanation for why the adjudicator didn’t make you bankrupt.

You can ask for this determination to be reviewed via the Insolvency Service. Don’t lengthen in doing this, however I recommend you must first communicate to National Debtline about what to mention and the issues to make.

If this assessment nonetheless leads to a rejection, you’ll attraction to the courtroom. Again I recommend you wish to have lend a hand to do that.

You don’t lose your entire bankruptcy rate if an application is rejected.  You will obtain money back of £550 – that’s the £680 charges much less the application prices of £130.

Do you may have a greater selection?

The Official Receiver does NOT do an in depth take a look at on whether or not bankruptcy is a superb choice for you or if in case you have a greater selection.

So it’s a must to make certain that bankruptcy is the best choice earlier than you publish your bankruptcy application.

Your state of affairs now might really feel horrible, after Covid-19 you will have misplaced your task or noticed what you are promoting fold. But dashing into any type of insolvency – bankruptcy, Debt Relief Order or an IVA if issues might strengthen quickly is steadily a mistake.

If issues might realistically strengthen, then it’s steadily higher have a look at a brief resolution now. For instance you have to make token bills of £1 a month. Or if you’ll pay extra, have a look at a debt control plan. Token bills or DMPs are just right brief plans – they deal with your entire collectors slightly and pastime and costs must in most cases be stopped so your state of affairs doesn’t worsen.

When there may be little probability issues will strengthen, you should still have higher choices than bankruptcy:

  • If you owe not up to £20,000, are renting and feature little spare source of revenue each and every month then it’s possible you’ll qualify for a Debt Relief Order (DRO). A DRO will wipe out your money owed after a 12 months, you don’t need to make any bills to it and the costs are most effective £90 – so much not up to bankruptcy.
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) are sophisticated long-term prison contracts. In an IVA you are going to make bills for longer than in bankruptcy – 80% of other people if truth be told don’t make per month bills in any respect in bankruptcy. IVAs have some benefits if in case you have a area to offer protection to however in case you are renting they’re generally a far worse selection than bankruptcy, see examine IVAs and bankruptcy .
  • other people over 55 could have a pension they may get right of entry to. If your pensions are huge and you’ll get right of entry to them, you won’t technically be “insolvent” – take a look at this with a debt adviser earlier than making use of for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy and Pensions seems extra at this ordinary state of affairs.

If you suppose bankruptcy perhaps the best choice, it’s at all times value an hour of your time to speak to a just right debt adviser about this.

Phone National Debtline on 0808 808 4000.

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