What to do if Full & Final settlement offer is rejected?

When,eader requested what she must do as her affordable Full & Final settlement offer have been rejected.

It’s going to appear obtrusive, however the creditor rejected the offer as it didn’t appear affordable to them.

You would possibly suppose “I paid off the amount I borrowed ages ago, their interest is too high” or “They probably bought this debt for pennies, so they should be happy to accept 20%” however that’s no longer the best way your collectors suppose. But they’re working a trade this means that they would like to get probably the most cash that they may be able to from you.

When your F&F has been refused, you want to have a look at your offer during the eyes of your creditor and suppose why they might have rejected it.

You can use that to come to a decision what to do subsequent.full and final settlement offer stamped with rejected

First – do you could have any higher choices?

You can have sought after to get this debt settled, nevertheless it’s a nasty mistake to offer extra if it’s no longer inexpensive.

Don’t ever borrow cash and pay pastime to make a settlement offer. You would possibly suppose 50% off is nice, however if you are taking on a brand new mortgage it’s almost definitely going to be at top pastime as a result of your present debt issues… Repaying a defaulted debt will NOT toughen your credit score rating. And maximum defaulted money owed have pastime frozen. So don’t flip an previous downside into a brand new one.

Even if you’ll borrow the cash from circle of relatives, suppose if you could have any higher choices first. Here are 4 probabilities:

  1. You would possibly qualify for a Debt Relief Order which might transparent this debt and different issues similar to arrears on expenses. Talk to a debt adviser about this.
  2. If you could have been making very low bills for years and that gained’t alternate, as a result of your age or well being, it can be higher to ask for a write off.
  3. If you could have been making very low bills for numerous years, no longer only some, AND the debt is a mortgage, bank card or catalogue that has been bought to a debt collector, learn When and Why to ask for the CCA settlement for a debt. That would possibly imply you don’t have to offer any cash in any respect.
  4. Was the debt by no means inexpensive? Or used to be your credit score restrict set too top? Look whether or not you will be in a position to get affordability refunds.

Your creditor thinks you’ll pay extra each and every month

You would possibly know you’ll’t however you could have to turn out this, no longer simply say it.

Do enclose an Income & Expenditure remark with a settlement offer, then creditor can see your complete state of affairs. This calculator has an choice to obtain a model to ship to your collectors. It als0 converts issues from weekly or annual to per 30 days and suggests some bills you could disregard about as you don’t pay them each and every month.

If your well being is deficient, take into accounts enclosing some details about this – say a replica of a health facility appointment. It’s all proof about your state of affairs.

If your best source of revenue is from advantages,  enclose a letter about your Universal Credit, incapacity get advantages or Pension Credit to turn out this.

It’s too quickly for this offer

If you could have simply misplaced your activity, you could know that you just gained’t be in a position to to find every other one on the similar cash and your state of affairs is simply going to worsen. But collectors will hardly ever settle for F&F gives ahead of you could have defaulted to your money owed.

When you could have best overlooked a couple of bills they’re not likely to settle for a low F&F. Here is a reader asking about his case, and my answer.

In this example, the most productive factor is typically to arrange a Debt Management Plan(DMP)  or making £1 a month token bills. You can then revisit the theory of creating a settlement offer in a 12 months or two.

At that time your creditor can have realised that you just weren’t kidding and that you just actually do have difficulties.

It is additionally ceaselessly a lot more uncomplicated to get a F&F offer authorized after your debt has been bought to a debt collector, in order that can in fact be just right information when it occurs.

It’s no longer top sufficient

This in part depends upon how lengthy you could have been making no or decreased bills – the longer time, the much more likely your collectors are to settle for a low offer.

How huge are your per 30 days bills? If the whole debt shall be repaid in 3 or 4 years, then your creditor isn’t most likely to settle for a 20% F&F.

When the debt is secured on your own home, a creditor is not likely to settle for a low offer.

One choice right here is to make a bigger offer to one or two collectors. So if your entire collectors refuse a 30% offer, then it’s worthwhile to believe providing a few them 50%. Clearing some money owed will imply you’ll pay off the others sooner.

It’s no longer transparent the place the cash is coming from

If the cash for the F&F offer is coming from a “one-off” supply – in all probability you could have a PPI refund or redundancy pay – then give an explanation for this. Then your creditor will realise they will as smartly settle for as there isn’t going to be to any extent further on offer.

When the cash is a present, give an explanation for this. For instance, “I am being offered this money by my brother if I can use it to settle this debt”.

(NB Using redundancy pay to transparent money owed might not be a good suggestion, see 4 steps to take if you lose your activity. Think about delaying your settlement offer till you could have discovered a brand new activity.)

They know you could have belongings

Your financial institution would possibly know so much about your finnces. And every other creditor can have appeared in some element and know you personal a area with fairness.  That doesn’t imply they’ll by no means settle for a F&F, nevertheless it is not likely that they are going to settle for a actually low one.

It is uncommon for a creditor to settle for a partial settlement on a secured mortgage. Even if you’ll display you could have damaging fairness, many secured lenders or collectors who’ve were given a price on your own home will typically reject an offer.


Your settlement choices come down to some aggregate of:

  1. repeating your offer with extra details about your state of affairs and/or the place the cash for the offer is coming from;
  2. providing extra to a couple of collectors; or
  3. ready some time then repeating your offer.

But don’t disregard {that a} settlement might not be your perfect resolution, so take a look at the opposite probabilities.

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