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Here is my pick out of apps and different #FinTech (Financial Technology) merchandise that help you budget and save if you are living in the United Kingdom.

My pastime this is people who find themselves wanting money. It doesn’t come with apps getting you to put money into the inventory marketplace. But the budgeting apps may also help someone who doesn’t have debt issues however desires to save extra, for a area deposit, a large vacation or to toughen their pension. Are you walking a financial tightrope? here are some apps to make your life easier

Money control apps

Some folks nonetheless love the usage of spreadsheets to trace the steadiness on their account and the way that will exchange when the hire is paid on Monday and the council tax and water expenses subsequent week. Other folks simply test their checking account each day on their cell.

If what you are doing works for you, that’s nice! But if you really feel you aren’t in keep watch over of the place your money is going and what sort of is left for you to spend, the purpose of the apps this is to automate all that – much less paintings for you and all the time up-to-date!

These apps paintings by means of taking the numbers out of your checking account mechanically and categorising the bills so you can see what you are spending on meals, petrol, entertaining and many others.

Sometimes the categorisation is improper – your groceries invoice at Iceland is recognized as “holiday spending” as an example! But you can right kind this and they’re going to then get it proper in long term.

If you simplest use one checking account, some banks already supply this type of knowledge.

The excellent Yolt app is now being withdrawn in December 2021.

Here are a few alternatives.


Do you nonetheless need all of your direct debits and status orders? What about common bills out of your bank card? Over time it’s simple to let some slip via omitted – insurance coverage for a washer you have changed, a subscription you forgot to cancel after the trial duration and many others. The Emma app can establish all of those so you know which to cancel.

It too can hyperlink in combination all of your accounts (smartly maximum of them – there may be a full list here) and set budgets. It’s excellent at allocating your transactions to classes mechanically, so it’s simple to make use of. If it will get one improper, you can over-ride it and it’ll keep in mind that for long term transactions.


Cleo calls itself a monetary assistant that is helping you organize your money out of your telephone. You can set budgets, hyperlink your financial institution accounts and ask questions (“how much have I spent on X this month”). There is just a little of humour/sarcasm within the replies which you might love, or now not.

Helping you to spend much less

Find a unfastened money system

The Link ATM locator app will display you your nearest money system and you can inform it to just display unfastened ones too. Useful if you are incessantly at the transfer.

Cheap petrol

The app we could you have 20 searches for native petrol costs unfastened each and every month. But keep in mind the rule of thumb of thumb – don’t commute greater than two additional miles to save 1p according to litre, or it is going to value you extra then you save!

All the ones loyalty playing cards

The Stocard app helps to keep a report of all of your loyalty playing cards so you don’t have to hold them round with you. It works smartly for most department stores however there are a couple of the place there are issues – Sainsbury’s self-checkout and Boots, many of us in finding. Some folks adore it, others have given up as a result of this.

Other apps

Stealth financial savings

There are two excellent “stealth savings” apps that I recommend you must have a look at: Chip and Plum.

There is a complete assessment of the way they paintings right here: two apps that help you save money with out realising it. If you in finding it unimaginable to save even small quantities, take a look at this kind of!


LOQBOX is helping your credit score rating if you can save the same quantity each month for a yr.

I’ve checked out it intimately right here: How LOQBOX can toughen your credit score report whilst you save.

Not all apps are a good suggestion!

There are dozens of apps that are most commonly seeking to get you to spend extra money by means of providing a few p.c off or loyalty issues. But are you already spending greater than you would love on-line? See Five techniques to reduce on on-line spending for some useful concepts.

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