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Young woman looking at a bill she can't pay - what help can you get with bills and debts now covid-19 help has ended?What help can you get if you can’t pay your vital bills and money owed?

By October 2021, nearly the entire particular coronavirus measures have ended.

But many of us have misplaced their task, had their hours lowered or their self-employed source of revenue has no longer recovered. And hundreds of thousands are at the back of with hire, council tax and different very important bills.

Now Universal Credit has been lower and effort bills can be hovering this wintry weather.

If you don’t assume you can pay the whole thing, this newsletter appears to be like at:

  • what advantages you might be able to declare – there is also some you have by no means heard of;
  • different help to scale back your bills;
  • your choices for precedence and non precedence money owed;
  • the place to get just right debt recommendation.

Help from advantages

Websites reminiscent of Turn2Us can display you what you could possibly declare. Use this calculator despite the fact that you assume you are already claiming the whole thing you can, it’s price ensuring.

If a get advantages calculator suggests you could be claiming Universal Credit (UC) and you these days get tax credit or housing get advantages, watch out. These advantages finish when you declare UC and you can’t return to claiming them.

I counsel you communicate to your native Citizens Advice. They can do a “what if” calculation to double-check that switching to UC is the most suitable choice for you.

There is also different help you can get that doesn’t display up thru a advantages calculator as it’s “discretionary” – no longer everybody who applies gets it. Most of this comes from your native council, so taking a look on their web site is a great get started.

Some examples:

  • You might be able to get a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) from your council if your Universal Credit or Housing Benefit doesn’t quilt your complete hire or you are being hit via the ease cap or bed room tax.
  • Some councils have further help with Council Tax, along with Council Tax Support. This is also known as one thing like Discretionary Council Tax Support Hardship Payment.
  • Councils could have an Emergency Support Scheme. This can give out vouchers for meals or gas slightly than money.

Your native Citizens Advice can say if you might be able to get this sort of bills and help you observe.

Other help with bills

If you are a pensioner, on some advantages or a low source of revenue you might be able to get £140 off your electrical energy invoice this wintry weather.  Read Warm Home Discount and spot easy methods to observe.

A water meter would possibly save you cash. More main points in this and less expensive price lists you might be able to get if you are on a low source of revenue in How to chop your water bills. If your floor water doesn’t cross into the sewers, you might be able to get a cut price – ask your water provider.

If you are on Universal Credit, Pension Credit, ESA or any other advantages, you can get cheaper broadband from BT. If you are already a BT buyer, you can transfer to the less expensive fee if you are eligible. If you are already a Virgin Media buyer and you are on Universal Credit, you can transfer from your present bundle to their less expensive Essential Broadband bundle.

Get the cheap & know what’s most sensible precedence

When there isn’t sufficient cash to pay for the whole thing, you need to make possible choices.

It’s vital to understand what should be paid first and in complete, even supposing this leaves no longer sufficient to pay different money owed. See What money owed and bills are my most sensible precedence? for a listing of priorities and non priorities.

Paying your hire/loan, automobile finance, meals, garments and heating would possibly go away little or not anything for unsecured loans, bank cards and catalogues. This would possibly sound alarming, however non-priority collectors know that they’re backside of the checklist and that precedence bills should be paid in complete.

Try this on-line budgeting tool from National Debtline. Even if your source of revenue or bills are converting, this may occasionally nonetheless help:

  • it lists bills so you don’t disregard one thing;
  • it converts the whole thing to per thirty days quantities;
  • it really works out what the “priority” and “non-priority” money owed and bills are;
  • it presentations easy methods to divide up the cash you have;
  • you can obtain it to turn collectors or a debt adviser. This can save you from having to provide an explanation for your price range at the telephone to plenty of other folks.

Priority bills and money owed

Rent and Mortgage

Universal Credit can get you some help with the price of renting.

There is a few help with loan prices thru UC however it doesn’t get started till you were on UC for 39 weeks. See What help is there when you can’t pay the loan? for the toughen lenders will have to give you if you are suffering and what you will have to ask for.

Get help once imaginable. If you are apprehensive about your loan or your hire, you have an eviction realize from your landlord or threatening letters from your loan lender, communicate to your native Citizens Advice.

Council Tax

Council tax would possibly really feel much less vital than any other precedence money owed. If you have to choose from paying the hire and paying the council tax, the hire comes first! As does feeding the youngsters.

But councils are very rapid to do so if you forget about council tax debt. They get in the course of the felony processes a lot quicker than different collectors and use bailiffs extra incessantly.

What to do if you have issues paying Council Tax appears to be like in any respect your choices right here. If the ones choices will nonetheless you in arrears, communicate to your native Citizens Advice. They can additionally help you with a Section 13A utility for council tax aid if your funds are so tricky you have a detrimental price range – you haven’t any cash in any respect to pay to non precedence money owed.

Energy and water bills

Ofgem has introduced in new laws that are meant to help individuals who can’t find the money for their power bills this wintry weather. It says:

Contact your provider once you can if you are apprehensive about paying your power bills.  Suppliers should paintings with you to agree on a cost plan you can find the money for below Ofgem laws. This comprises reviewing a plan you have agreed sooner than. 

Talk to your provider and give an explanation for if your source of revenue has dropped on account of coronavirus and ask if you can pay a invoice over an extended duration. It’s vital to mention if folks in your family have well being issues. If you are having deductions thru a prepayment meter for present money owed, ask if the deductions can be lowered or halted for the following couple of months.

Water firms can be offering cost breaks, prolonged cost plans and schemes that can cut back the volume you need to pay if you are on a low source of revenue. Contact your water corporate and spot what help there may be.

If your fuel, electrical energy or water corporate needs you to pay greater than you can find the money for, communicate to your native Citizens Advice.

Car finance

For many of us that is their greatest expense after their hire or loan.

You can ask the lender for a cost association on automobile finance. But it is a precedence debt and your automobile is in peril if you can’t pay it in complete.

See Can you find the money for your automobile finance now cost breaks have ended? for main points of your choices. Even if you need to stay your automobile you wish to learn about your proper to finish a automobile finance contract early.

If you aren’t positive about what the most suitable choice for you is, communicate to National Debtline.

Deductions from Universal Credit

Deductions from Universal Credit for different money owed can be very top leaving you with no longer sufficient to live to tell the tale. Sometimes you can ask for this to be lowered. Your native Citizens Advice can help with this.

Cards, catalogues, unsecured loans – the non-priority money owed

FCA’s laws say consumers who can’t make bills will have to be handled “with forbearance and due consideration” via lenders and debt creditors. This at all times implemented, even sooner than Coronavirus.

For unsecured money owed like loans, bank cards, catalogues and overdrafts, this implies lenders should believe taking decrease bills and freezing passion.

“Consider” would possibly sound imprecise – you is also apprehensive your lender gained’t be useful.

But maximum banks, bank cards and different lenders will forestall including passion when requested. Especially if you give an explanation for that you have precedence bills and money owed to pay – your hire/loan, council tax, utilities.

Lenders know you don’t have a lot cash and that paying the hire and feeding the youngsters has to come back first. And in the event that they don’t freeze passion you can bitch you aren’t being handled relatively and cross to the Financial Ombudsman.

So how can you get this help?

1) ask the lenders your self

For unsecured money owed reminiscent of bank cards, catalogues, loans, payday loans and overdrafts you can ask the lenders and debt creditors for a cost association. Also ask for the passion and costs to be stopped, so your money owed don’t worsen.

The on-line budgeting device connected to above can inform you how a lot to provide to each and every lender.

Payment preparations do have an effect on your credit score document, so you will have to simplest ask for one if you want it. If you aren’t positive, communicate to a debt adviser so you can to find out all your choices and the professionals and cons. of each and every.

2) take a look at a Debt Management Plan

StepChange operates debt control plans (DMPs) for loads of hundreds of folks. You make one reasonably priced cost to StepChange each and every month and so they divide it between your non-priority money owed. There are not any charges charged. And passion and costs are nearly at all times stopped.

DMPs are just right choices if your scenario would possibly alternate as a result of they’re versatile. If you get a just right task then you can pay off the money owed a lot quicker. If issues worsen, you can take a look at insolvency.

Don’t cross to any company that fees for a debt control plan. Even if you assume they’re great and pleasant, you can get precisely the similar plan without a charges from StepChange. Why pay cash in charges for no achieve?

3) different debt choices – token bills, insolvency

If a DMP isn’t proper for you, a just right debt adviser can advise on your higher choices, reminiscent of token bills, a debt aid order or chapter.

As a rule of thumb, when your scenario would possibly support so much within the subsequent yr it’s most often higher to steer clear of insolvency as you would possibly not want it:

  • you can’t return from chapter, a DRO or an IVA to only paying off your money owed as commonplace;
  • in an IVA you would possibly finally end up paying greater than your money owed if your scenario improves – no write off in any respect.

And if your scenario would possibly worsen, you will have to steer clear of an IVA:

  • even sooner than the pandemic, about 30% of IVAs had been failing as folks couldn’t make the repayments;
  • a failed IVA leaves you again with all your money owed after numerous tension;
  • chapter by no means fails and a DROs fail lower than 1% of the time.

Debt advisers can give an explanation for your choices and their execs and cons.

Already have a debt answer in position however now can’t find the money for it

Payment preparations and Debt Management Plans (DMPs)

DMPs are casual, versatile preparations, they can be modified. So communicate to the corporate working it and ask to make decrease bills or have a cost destroy.

But if it appears to be like as even though your downside goes to closing some time, it’s a good suggestion to speak to a debt adviser about your insolvency choices.

The similar applies if you have made a cost association with a creditor your self. Ask for it to be lowered, to 0 if essential, and inform the creditor if you have precedence money owed. If the creditor doesn’t agree, communicate to a debt adviser about your choices.

Insolvency – IVAs, chapter, DAS and agree with deeds

If you are bankrupt and paying an IPA, inform the Trustee in Bankruptcy this is dealing with your IPA that you are in problem and the IPA can be lowered, to 0 if essential. This is not going to prolong the duration of time you need to pay an IPA for – that can’t be greater than 3 years.

The new IVA laws for folks suffering from Coronavirous lead to December 2021. See Coronavirus – new laws to help folks in IVAs for the additional help to be had and your choices if you can’t go back to commonplace bills. One choice is also to fail your IVA and feature a DRO as a substitute – the DRO laws had been modified in summer season 2021 so you would possibly now qualify for one.

For DAS & Protected Trust Deeds (Scotland), see Can’t Pay Trust Deed or DAS? via a Scottish adviser.

Where to get help with money owed

If that is complicated or you can’t make a decision what to do or you are too apprehensive to speak to your collectors, debt recommendation can help.

You simplest wish to communicate to 1 debt adviser. Here is how to select who to touch:

  • if you have precedence money owed and bills which might be an issue, communicate to your local Citizens Advice or some other native recommendation company.
  • if your downside is pressing and you can’t get an appointment with Citizens Advice briefly, telephone National Debtline on 0808 808 4000 or use the National Debtline webchat.
  • if your precedence money owed are below keep watch over and you have some cash to pay to your different money owed communicate to StepChange on 0800 138 1111.
  • if your precedence money owed are below keep watch over however you have very little cash for different money owed, communicate to National Debtline about your choices.
  • if you are self-employed or have a small restricted corporate, communicate to Business Debtline.

Be cautious. Some industrial corporations looking to promote you an IVA use names that sound so much like those just right debt advisers. Make positive you are speaking to the actual factor!

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